A Reasonable God

Is God reasonable? Typical definitions of God describe Him as omnipotent, omniscient, omni-present, all-good, perfectly just and what-have-you. But one aspect never seems to be discussed. Is He reasonable? Since God is omniscient, he is always right. And anyone who disagrees with Him is always wrong. Does that mean God will blast out of existence anyone who disagrees with Him? Or will He allow that individual to remain unharmed, but ignorant in his opinion. The former course seems somehow tyrannical; the latter, far more reasonable, provided the opinion in question is not overtly evil. Is it possible to have a non-evil opinion that is not in agreement with God’s? Maybe that’s not possible, and that is the weakness of this position. But it seems to me that God must be reasonable.

We enter this world with no obvious path to follow. Some say we should follow the teachings in the Holy Bible. Another says, the Bhagavad Gita. Which is the correct book to follow? I can’t answer that question definitively (unless I’m in ‘antiChrist’ mode). All I can say regarding that is that the answer, if there is one, is not obvious. Since the answer is not obvious, I don’t think the Deity will hold my choice against me, provided I put some effort into the decision. Maybe He will, but that seems somehow unfair. Similarly, the very existence of a Deity is not something that is obvious. Atheists exists; they believe God does not exist. If it is not clearly evident that He does exist, how can He hold that belief against them? I’ve had friends and mentors who were atheists and agnostics; and yet, they were all reasonably good people. Therefore, I don’t think that belief, in and of itself, should be the final word in the judgment of a soul. Similarly, it is often said in some circles that only those who believe in Jesus will get to Heaven. Again, to me this seems to be unreasonable. To hinge salvation on a particular belief that depends upon events one cannot possibly have witnessed seems unreasonable to me. Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems to me that which determines one’s salvation or not should instead be how well one leads a morally acceptable life (Note: if one implements the teachings of Jesus, I believe one satisfies those criteria regardless of whether or not one believes in the Resurrection or not).

So, what do you think: Should God be reasonable?


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