Satan and Ferguson

Warning: The author of this web-site and this blog post has been diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder, a particularly nasty psychological illness. The root of his disorder is religious in nature. This post has been heavily influenced by said disorder and the so-called “delusional” belief system it has engendered; some may find it offensive; well, okay, everyone may find it offensive. For more information regarding the specifics of this disorder, click here.

I’ve avoided commenting on the events in Ferguson up to now because it was a sensitive issue, one that probably doesn’t need to be looked at through the lens of mental illness. However, I don’t really believe that I’m mentally ill. So, I’m going to comment on it here, and leave it up to you to decide whether or not you care to take me seriously.

The following is going to sound ridiculous, but I believe it to be true.

Have you ever been talking to someone and he says one thing, but you hear another? You are totally convinced you heard him say one thing, but he is equally convinced he said something else. Generally, this is explained away as a deficiency in one or the other’s sensory organs. But there is an alternate explanation: namely, that he said what he said correctly, and you heard what you heard correctly, but the two do not correlate. Why? How?

I have stated elsewhere on this blog that I believe Satan to be the universe. Let’s take that as our first assumption. All that we see and hear is fashioned by Satan. It is like we truly live in the relativistic (as in relativism) view of the universe. I have my own personal world that I view, hear, and interact in; you have yours. Most of the time, Satan has an interest in maintaining correlations between these worlds, so that there exist common experiences between multiple persons. Normally, I don’t walk out of my house and see five other houses on my street while my friend standing next to me sees only one. But this need not always be the case. Sometimes, to amuse himself, Satan changes details in passing. I say ‘red,’ you hear ‘blue.’ Satan is nearly omnipotent (but not quite) as far as us poor mortals are concerned and he delights in the confusion (and sometimes inexcusable pain) he causes. He can shift the details of the objects of our perception to his own liking (unless Jesus is involved in some fashion).

What does this have to do with Ferguson?


From what I recall, there were twenty or so witnesses. Fifteen said Michael Brown did not put his hands up to surrender to the cop. Five said he did. Who’s right? The five? Or the fifteen? Naturally, the grand jury went with the fifteen as there were a greater number of people and it is natural to assume that we live in an objective world where the evidence of our senses is enough to determine if a man is raising his hands. But what if that is our error? What if both groups of witnesses are correct? Maybe no one is lying or misperceiving. Maybe fifteen people really did see Michael Brown approach without raised hands. And maybe five people really did see him raise his hands. Did Michael Brown raise his hands? No one can possibly know for sure except Michael Brown and he’s dead. Likewise, no one can possibly know if the cop saw him raise his hands except the cop. And the cop said he didn’t. The resulting confusion, pain, and chaos caused by this situation brings no end of delight to Satan.

Where does this leave us? Hmm. I don’t know. Perhaps we should just tread carefully, cognizant of the fact that Satan likes to watch us fight and squabble. Racism is a touchy issue, one that can (and has) been used to serve the Devil’s aims.


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