The Peril of Uneducated Illegals

I’m not going to quibble over whether or not illegal aliens should be referred to as undocumented citizens or not. Such is a waste of time. Call them whatever you wish. It is just a label. I will call them illegal aliens.

My concern is the educational background of these people, specifically, their understanding of the U.S. Constitution. As they were born in a different country, I don’t really expect them to have had a thorough education on the matter. It is highly unlikely that they understand all the intricacies and nuances of the document. All men (humans) are created equal. Separation of powers. Etc… These critical elements to the Constitution and the over-arching uniquely American culture that embraces them, most probably were missing from the education of illegals. All they know of our country is likely by word of mouth and likely consists of glittering platitudes and affirmations. A wealthy nation. A free people. A land where dreams come true. Etc…

Although illegal aliens may understand that the U.S. is a good place because it generally does not permit the rise of dictators, they might not understand how the U.S. goes about doing just that. The answer, of course, is the Constitution.

As an illegal immigrant, by his or her very emigration venue, sidesteps the normal avenues of immigration to the United States, he or she will never get a constitutional education from our government let alone the government of their former citizenship. As a result, if the illegals are legalized, we will have a substantial voting bloc that simply doesn’t understand the founding principles of the U.S. as they are incorporated in the Constitution. As I said: Humans are equal. All humans are imperfect and fallible. Those are just two principles enshrined in the Constitution that might be lost on a refugee from a tyrannical state, or simply an impoverished state. Simply put, they may be too focused on just getting their next meal or escaping persecution to give the philosophical groundwork of our country much consideration. Granted, refugees from such places will likely make up for that educational hole by means of fond emotions for their new country where anything seems possible. Still, a legalized illegal immigrant won’t understand the finer details of the Separation of Powers, how it is implemented, or why it is necessary. They may not perceive breaches of Separation of Powers as the threats they are. Although, some of them may have experienced tyranny, they might not understand how the Constitution was designed to prevent such. And yet, they will still vote.

I have no qualms about accepting immigrants to this nation. I just believe there should be an organized process, one in which the virtues of the U.S. Constitution are specifically spelt out to new soon-to-be citizens. Anything else is dangerous.


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