Who Crucified Jesus?

Who crucified Jesus? Was it the Jews? The Romans? God? Or Satan? My view is that it was Satan. Satan has influence over men. He secretly influenced the Jews to bring Jesus before Pilot and did the same to Pilot to get Jesus on that cross.

I believe the whole ordeal Jesus went through, culminating in the Crucifixion, was Satan’s attempt to “break” Jesus. Three years earlier (or so), in the desert, before Jesus’ ministry began, Jesus defied Satan’s will by refusing to bow down to worship him. The Crucifixion was Satan’s retaliation. One reason why I think Satan wrote the Bible is because of some of the statements about this event. In one section of the Bible (I don’t know which), it, speaking as the voice of God, says, “I will strike the shepherd and scatter the flock.” Most people interpret that as meaning that it was God’s will that Jesus, the shepherd, would be crucified and his apostles scattered in fear. But would a loving, caring God do that to anyone? I know, I know … it’s because he was taking on our sins; I just don’t agree. I don’t see how anyone else can be responsible for my life. Further, prior to Jesus’ Crucifixion, Jesus says, “Satan has demanded that he sift you like wheat.” Or something like that (My argument might be more convincing if I could quote the words exactly—oh well, I’ll get there eventually). Anyway, compare “sifting like wheat” with “scatter the flock.” Doesn’t it seem like the two expressions are describing the same activity by the same being? In this case, Satan, not God? And, if one verse supposedly authored by God truly came from Satan, then perhaps all the others were, too. Back to the Crucifixion. Satan tries to break Jesus with flogging and Crucifixion (and even hellfire, if I’m right), but Jesus endures it all, defeating Satan. He endures the ultimate pain, suffering through Satan’s ultimate power: death; and he is raised again by love. Satan, instilling fear and terror, was successful in scattering the apostles, but against Jesus, he utterly fails.

Did Satan crucify Jesus or did God? If it was God, why would we wish to have a God that would willingly do that? It’s cruel. And if God is omnipotent, it is unnecessary. But if it was Satan, it makes a sort of sense that he would try to kill and destroy an adversary that way. Further, if God permits it to happen because he won’t infringe on Satan’s free will, that too, makes sense. Anyway, those are some of my thoughts on the subject.

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