Food Nutrition and Food Nazis: The Capitalist Solution

Once upon a time, the foods we bought bore no nutrition labels (or so I presume; grocery goods have had labels throughout my whole life). Then, certain people got concerned that we might be consuming too much garbage and they convinced the government to get involved. As a result, the various food companies were forced to label their foods with nutrition information. Now, efforts are underway to force the big restaurant chains to do likewise.

What happened to freedom? The U.S.A. was once regarded as a free nation. The people were free and so were their businesses. But somewhere along the way, someone got it into his head that forcing people to do something they don’t want to do is okay if those people form a business. I reject that premise. Consider McDonalds. I go and get a Big Mac, medium Fries, and a medium Diet Coke. I know it’s all crap. I don’t need the details telling me exactly how crappy it is. Soda (diet or otherwise) is pure poison. Yet, I still drink it on occasion. In fact, at this very moment, I just finished a glass of Diet Mountain Dew—pure, unadulterated super-crap. And that’s my choice.

So, if you, a food nazi, are so concerned about dietary requirements for everyone and their mother, why don’t you start a business providing the information. Think about it. Just build a website, or something like that (You can have that name: consider it my contribution to your capitalistic undertaking). You can go out and do the research on all the McDonalds items, Burger King items, etc…. and list them on your website with whatever nutritional details that take your fancy. You can even give commentary. Not only does this preserve McDonald’s freedom to run their business however they see fit, and not provide dietary information based on a nutritional science which is constantly changing (I still don’t know if eggs are good for me, or not) if that is their wish; I’m sure hordes and hordes of other food nazi’s like yourself will come racing to your web-site and you’ll make oodles and oodles of cash doing something you have an inclination and gift for. The capitalist way. So, go get ‘em, you food nazi tiger. Just leave my Wendy’s alone. I pay enough for the Single Combo already.


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