Isis and Satan

As we all know, Isis recently killed a Jordanian pilot by burning him alive and filming it. According to Glenn Beck (who in turn read about it—the justification, that is—in an Islamic newspaper), Isis justified this crime by pointing to the Koran. Apparently, somewhere in the Koran it gives something equivalent to “an eye for an eye” (from the O.T. Bible) under certain special circumstances. And so, since the pilot dropped bombs which killed people by burning and collapsing buildings on top of them, Isis felt justified in burning the man alive and burying him in rubble. So, justice by the Koran was done, or so they believe.

What can I say?

If that’s what their Koran teaches, I want no part of it. War sucks. War is hell. And people die horrible deaths in WAR. If those were the man’s “crimes,” it’s pretty clear he only committed them in the context of a war, and therefore should have been treated like a P.O.W. The U.S. captures enemies on the battlefield, imprisons them in Gitmo for 15 years, then let’s them go (which in my mind may have been precipitous). These guys capture someone and burn him alive. Which side do you think has the moral high ground?

It is clear to me that the behavior of Isis is evil. Their interpretation of the Koran is Satanic. The only god their actions please is Satan. Those of you who read this blog are aware that I have mental “issues” with Satan, the antichrist, and Scriptural teachings (I think most Scriptures were written by Satan pretending to be God—it’s a long story). In a nutshell, I think the source of all the religions of the world is Satan. He speaks to us through dreams and omens masquerading as God. If that is true (I know this sounds crazy, but I can’t help it), I would not be surprised if Satan was sending the men of Isis visions, commanding them to do such horrific things while claiming to be their God. Their mindset is such that they can’t tell the difference between God and Satan anymore (or is that my problem given my comments on Scripture?). Anyway, even if they are inspired by Satan, they are still responsible for their actions. What would it mean, though, to us? What if Jesus appeared to someone and said, “You must go and kill that person”? I’m inclined to think that most of us would disregard it and certainly wouldn’t believe that it was actually Jesus. But what if someone did? Does that mean he’s mentally ill for following the command of a dream? I don’t want to remove his responsibility. Anyway, I’m rambling. And the men of Isis are not claiming to be following dreams or omens. They are bent on killing in the name of their interpretation of Islam.

Most likely, as far as Isis is concerned, there are no dreams involved: Isis is evil as it is. And given how hard it is to change deep-set religious beliefs, I think we are in for a long and bloody war.  These beliefs must be neutralized or exterminated. And it’s not going to be pretty.


4 thoughts on “Isis and Satan

    1. I haven’t heard about any deaths at Gitmo. As for torture, I would classify waterboarding as torture, but as a minor form of torture (mostly psychological). I don’t have a problem that we use it, but that’s a whole different discussion. It, in no way, compares to immolating someone.


      1. The only other things I’ve heard of are things like sleep deprivation through the use of loud music and other things that made the inmates uncomfortable, but did no lasting harm. I have heard no reports of anything like physical torture (but I haven’t been really listening for them, either). My understanding is that the prisoners have been fed, given prayer rugs and Korans, and generally treated well. To be blunt, unless you can provide evidence, I don’t believe your claim.


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