False Gods

What is a false god? A false god is anything that occupies the center of your life and is not God. In olden days it was called idolatry and was inextricably linked to pagan idol-worship where people (pagans) worshipped and made sacrifices to carven images and statues (a.k.a. idols), believing such man-made things were actually gods or provided a link to a deity they represented. Personally, I don’t think the ancients were ever convinced that a carven image was itself a god (The O.T. of the Bible seems to suggest this, and I find that odd). I think it was just a statue or idol dedicated to a god.

For a good portion of my life, my false god was role-playing games like AD&D. I don’t regret the fact that I played AD&D—it is a fun, exciting game. I simply regret that I was so obsessed with it. I was not content to play the actual game according to the rules developed by E. Gary Gygax. No, I had to develop my own game and system. It was fun—both developing it and playing it—but it was a sign of a psychological obsession. My whole life revolved around “my game.” Like I said, it was fun (three times now), but there is more to life than a role-playing game. The reader should take that as a warning or a caution: Anything can be a false god, just as nothing need be one.

In my college years, I had another false god: philosophy. I was addicted to philosophical discussion and argument. Everything had to be reducible to logical argument; if it wasn’t, it wasn’t real. I would walk around my college campus, head bent in thought, focused inward on some philosophical problem. I would walk by people and barely see them (except the hot chics, of course, :)). One time, I was in my suite with my suite mates and I was so inwardly focused they had to call my name three times to get my attention. Not good. Again, philosophy, like AD&D is fine if it’s responsibly done and does not become an all-consuming obsession. The same can be said for science, literature, history, or what-have-you.

There is only one valid all-consuming obsession and that is God. Drawing closer to God is, more or less, the whole purpose of life. It’s the only obsession worth having. And the mediator of this activity is Jesus Christ. Or so they say. I am trying to focus my life like this, but it isn’t easy … particularly since I am convinced I am the antiChrist (Had to throw that in there).


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