Banning “Gone with the Wind” and the Confederate Flag

I haven’t posted in a while (a month and a half) because I’ve been kind of fried. Anyway, I’m just going to leave a brief comment.

I heard on Glenn Beck that there is talk of banning the book/movie “Gone with the Wind” in addition to the Confederate Flag. I don’t think I’ve ever watched “Gone with the Wind” in its entirety, and I’ve certainly never read it. To me, banning “Gone with the Wind” is pretty much like burning books. And we know where that lead (or do we? — the rise of the Nazi’s and the Holocaust, for those that didn’t know). As for the flag, the Confederate Flag doesn’t seem any more evil than the Nazi Flag (hat tip Glenn Beck for that point). Would I ever fly either one? No. But I don’t think either one should be banned because then there is always another flag to ban with which someone disagrees (again, Glenn Beck said pretty much the same thing on the radio).

Just wanted to put my two cents in. Basically, I agree with Glenn Beck. Our country is going insane.

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