I believe I am the antichrist. What that means in the end, whether I am the antiChrist or the Antichrist, I do not know.        But this entry is not about me. It is about Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah, and what I think he did.

It, of course, revolves around my Theory of Satan. You know the one, where Satan is the universe, and Death is his ultimate power. I think of Jesus confronting and conquering Satan and I am just blown away in awe of Him (Jesus, not Satan).

We all know the story of Jesus’ final hours before his crucifixion and resurrection. Others think his motives are mysterious and sublime. I do not. I think I figured a big chunk of it out (but perhaps that is because I am just too arrogant to admit there is something I don’t understand). Can you imagine Jesus’ final hours and the courage it must have taken to face them?

I picture Him in Gethsemane praying, so frightened he is sweating blood. But why is He frightened? He knows what kind of death He is to die. He knows that He is confronting the maker of the garden. That that Force which exquisitely crafted every leaf and twig, every mountain, and every cloud, will be arrayed against him in full fury, bent on inflicting maximum pain and suffering upon Him. He will suffer like no one else in history: He will be scourged, humiliated, and finally crucified.

I can picture him standing, clothed in purple, with a crown of woven thorns upon his head while guards beat him mercilessly. Do not the guards in this picture seem to be emissaries of the Devil? Does not every blow seem to be an attempt to break Jesus and bring him to his knees to beg for mercy?

And the path he treads to the Cross is marked by further brutality culminating in the crucifixion which is probably one of the most horrific death sentences ever conceived by man. Perhaps being burned alive might be crueler, but it is debatable. He takes it all until finally expiring on that Cross.

After that, I believe he descended into the fires of hell where he suffered even more intense pain. And yet, he conquered even that.

Why did He do all this? To save us from that Force which did such to Him. He blocked the blow meant for us and absorbed it Himself. He laid down His life to save us, His friends, from suffering a similar fate.

I realize that traditional Christianity does not interpret those events quite like I do. Traditional Christianity doesn’t admit the role of the Devil in Jesus’ crucifixion. They believe God arranged such as a holocaust-like offering to redeem us from sin. God could only be satisfied by a horribly cruel death inflicted upon an innocent (perfect) man. I just think it makes more sense to blame such cruel agony on the Devil. But I could be wrong.

I believe my interpretation of events is the correct one. And as a result, I am in complete astonished awe of Jesus Christ. No person in this universe, living or dead, can match Him in courage. No one. Hence, He is both unique and special, and He is the Messiah.

Satan is a Liar, and Jesus Christ is the Lord.


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