Satanic Love

Is all love pure? Is all compassion worthy of emulation? These are the questions that plague me at the current moment. Perhaps it is merely a philosophical exercise, but I think it is something that should be seriously considered. What is the relationship between morality and love? Ever since Christ, love has enjoyed a highly-regarded position in the field of morals. Love God with your whole heart, your whole mind, and your whole soul. Love your neighbor as yourself. Or something like that.

But can Love become polluted?

Adolf Hitler loved. Is he redeemed (partially) to the extent that he loved? Or is even this most noble trait corrupted in his hands? A similar point can be levied against the mafia don and his lady friend who enjoys the wealth his life style provides. Do they not love each other? Is that a love worth emulating?

I’m inclined to think that pure, honest love won’t lead one astray and yet I have come to believe that there is such a thing—a close facsimile—that does: I call this thing Satanic Love. That is, there is a type of love that leads one astray morally speaking, because it is unhinged from morality. It is Love without regard to morals or truth. There is also such a thing as Satanic Compassion. They are similar, but different.

The most obvious place where I think these concepts apply is abortion. A Planned Parenthood worker counsels a young teen to abort her unplanned pregnancy. The worker thinks she is acting out of compassion or love, but ignores the irreparable moral harm such a vicious act inflicts on the mother not to mention the unborn child who is utterly destroyed.

The baby dies. The young teen learns a number of false tenets. She learns she can have sex without consequence and that every action taken has an easy fix. She learns that she can destroy an innocent life without objection or shame. All because the Planned Parenthood worker has thrown morality out in his/her blind pursuit of a questionable form of love. The same can be said for compassion, but I won’t repeat myself.

So, I would define Satanic Love as love without recourse to morality. That may be unpopular. It may even be wrong. But it was an idea I had that I figured was worth discussing. I’m not sure if I enunciated all the nuances of the idea, but I think I at least delineated a kernel of truth.


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