What is friendship? It seems pretty basic. Most people have friends during their lives, at least, at some point or another. Basically, friendship is a type of relationship which encourages each member to talk to the other and unload problems upon the other. Hence, friendship is a relationship allowing each member to share experiences in this strange theatrical performance we call “Life.”  There are other characteristics, as well. Friends will stand up for one other. Or, in Christ’s words, friends will love one another. How important is friendship? I think it is critical, largely because I think that was Jesus’ main point. I once heard a friend paraphrasing Jesus (I have yet to find the quote in the Bible, though) where he said, “See what I see. Hear what I hear.” Basically, this is an exhortation to compassion where we put ourselves in the shoes of another person: we hear what they hear, see what they see, etc …. There is a point where, towards the end of John, either right before or right after the Crucifixion, Jesus, speaking to the Apostles, says, “… that is why I call you friends.” He is encouraging the concept of friendship, here, and stressing its importance, because the Apostles—those who know Him the best—are His friends.

Is there a limit to all of this? Obviously, yes. One cannot support a friend who commits murder. So, despite nihilists protestations to the contrary, morality enters the equation. As I was referring to Christ, the source of pretty much the highest morality on the planet, that’s really not a problem. Other people, obviously, will not quite live up to the same standard. A mafia hit man might have “friends,” yet I don’t think such would constitute a morally healthy relationship. Still, I think Christ’s point does revolve around friendship. I’ve come to understand Christ’s message to be: to be a friend within the bounds of morality. Maybe I’m wrong. Remember, I think I’m the antichrist, so I’m probably butchering the message entirely. But not deliberately.


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