Praying for Jesus

As I’ve said elsewhere I believe I am the antichrist and back in 1997 I had, what I believe to be, an encounter with Satan. During that “encounter,” there was a moment where I thought Satan was coming to get me to basically claim me and torture me for an eternity in hell until he had broken me. I imagined that Jesus was there and I hid behind him. I did that partly because I wanted to show deference to Jesus, i.e. the “Son of Satan” acknowledging his inferiority to the “Son of God.”

I don’t think I thought much of that incident at the time. A few months back, however, I came to believe that Jesus had taken my place in hell to save me and now Satan was merrily torturing Jesus in my place trying to break Him. In light of that, I’ve started saying prayers for Jesus, as opposed to to Jesus. Basically, I’m afraid I really screwed up and I’m trying to undo the damage I caused asking God the Father to save Jesus. I don’t know if time flows the same way in hell as it does here, but to me it is incomprehensible that someone could be in hell for twenty years and not be driven utterly mad.

Anyway, the way I see it, the more prayers the better. So, I am asking you, dear reader, to remember Jesus in your prayers. If I’m wrong and Jesus isn’t in hell, at worst the prayers will be ineffective and will accomplish nothing. But if I’m right, we best be giving Jesus as much encouragement and help as possible, so the more prayers the better.


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