The Immigration Issue, The Media, and Satan

Yes, I’m talking about Satan again. No, I am not making light of the immigration issue. Hear me out.

The immigration issue is dividing this country to the core. I watch Fox News—which, I admit, tilts right. I do not watch the other stations which tilt left—I should, but I lack the time. We would do well to remember that this is the United States of America and we are not monsters. The left has valid points to make, and the right has valid points to make. We should try to calm down and listen to each other before we tear this country apart.

The left is accusing the Trump administration of acting like Nazi Germany. The right is accusing the left of playing politics with the lives of children. Satan is pitting both of you against each other. No, I’m not kidding. Satan (lies and truth, yin and yang) can manipulate reality with ease (look up the Mandela Effect on the Internet—that’s him). I’m telling you, because of Satan, if the left goes to visit the children separated from their families (which no one likes), they will find the conditions terrible and atrocious—and they will report that through their media outlets. And I mean, they will see a rough equivalent of Nazi Germany and will say as much. If the right goes to look at the children separated from their families (which no one likes), they will find the conditions tolerable and staffed by people doing their best to deal with a difficult situation—and they will report that. Given what I know of the American populace, I’m inclined to think the right’s perceptions are more accurate here for a larger percentage of people, but there will always be bad apples in any group like those staffing the situation and Satan will manipulate matters, so that the left will have a “knack” for finding those children who are treated the poorest, thus reinforcing their preconceived notions. Further, media outlets give Satan a chance to manipulate populations even further. It is child’s play for him to screw with electrons in computers, project images that don’t match reality, etc… Just look up the Mandela Effect on the Internet. That’s him.

I am not being sarcastic. I am not insane. But I do know it sounds crazy.

Satan is a Liar and Jesus Christ is the Lord.

But in all likelihood, no one will believe me.


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