Donald Trump is Satan

Okay. I am convinced I am the antichrist. I have also recently come to the conclusion that Donald Trump might be Satan. I also believe that Barack Obama was Satan, too. As Satan is a shape-shifter, that doesn’t pose a logical problem for me. Satan served as U.S. President in the form of Barack Obama, then, when his terms were over, he started serving again as Donald Trump, billionaire businessman. It’s the ego that gives both of them away. I ought to know; I have a ginormous ego myself—not as big as Satan’s—but still, regrettably, very large.

Why would he pick one party and then the other? He is trying to pit us against each other by polarizing our nation. Like Obama, Trump is unimpeachable. Obama could not be impeached because he was the first black president. Trump cannot be impeached because that would tear our country apart. I really don’t know what to do about him, but I’m pretty sure he’s Satan. Or, at the very least, is possessed by Satan.

A ways back I made a post in support of Trump because I thought his business acumen would help us deal with our debt problem. I now think he is an embodiment of pure evil and would like him impeached, but not at the cost of my country. The only advice I can give is to keep standing up and speaking your mind to the best of your ability. You can’t change the mind of your entire opposition, but you can change one person’s mind and you can be flexible enough to change yourself.

Love and Prayers to Everyone. Satan (lies & truth, yin and yang, nature, the evil universe) is a Liar and Jesus Christ is the Lord.


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