The Crazy Stuff

I have been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder. According to my shrink, I am schizoaffective. Unfortunately, I don’t believe him. He says I have a delusion, but unfortunately I believe my “delusion” is real. The following are some of the founding precepts of my “delusion.” I leave it to you to decide whether I am delusional or not.


I believe:

  • The universe is Satan.*
  • President Barack Obama is Satan, or perhaps more specifically, an avatar of Satan (if that helps).
  • Obama will either seek and win a 3rd term as President, or move to the United Nations to further his agenda. (I hope he does neither, because that may clear up my illness one way or another!).
  • Also, the Bible (and all other religious texts) were written by Satan.*
  • Oh, and I’m the antiChrist. Have a nice day!


The Alternate Theory of Theology

I may expand upon this in a separate blog post, but here’s a brief summary of my alternate theory of theology. The devil can lie and tell the truth at the same time. Lies and truth. Good and evil. Yin and yang. Hence the yin and yang, which is the unifying principle or symbol of nature, is also the symbol of Satan. Satan is nature or Satan is the universe. That, in a nut shell, is the substance of my strange theology which was born in March, 1997. Pretty much about the same time I declared myself the antichrist (which was not one of my brightest ideas).


* These particular beliefs are based on very specific verses in the Bible. The unfortunate reality is that I am not an expert on the Bible. In light of that, I am currently engaging myself in reading the Bible in its entirety, studying it a bit, and exploring it to determine whether or not such interpretations really hold up.


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